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Welcome to the online algebra worksheet maker! This math worksheets maker is free to use, and we hope you find it useful. Included are topics from algebra 1 and algebra 2. To create a worksheet, select the number of questions for each category. Then choose your options and push the "Make worksheet" button to download the worksheet in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view generated worksheets.
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Basic Solving Equations
One-step equations
Two-step equations
Combine like-terms
Unknowns on two sides
Distributive property
Systems of Equations
Solve by elimination
Solve by substitution
General system of equations
Quadratic Equations
Solve by factoring - easy (all answers will be integers)
Solve by factoring - hard (most answers will be fractions)
Use quadratic formula - real solutions (decimal answers)
General quadratic equations (decimal answers)
Include answer key

Include negative solutions

Percentage of problems involving fractions